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Boswellia serrata in the organic name of the quite prominent ayurvedic natural herb called shallaki. Shallaki is much more generally referred to as salai guggulu in Indian native language as it possesses similar properties since guggulu (commiphora mukul).

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It has a medium height tree with a girth of about 3 - 5 ft. it possess torso, which is reddish eco-friendly in appearance with an enjoyable aroma. Possess tiny fallen leaves much like that of a natures neem tree. Little white displayed blossoms that bloom in winder year i. e. in January to march. Fruit is triangular in look and is concerning one as well as a half inch in diameter. Which fruits in February to march. There is resin that comes out of the tree hence it is made use of for medicine purposes. Plant is located in middle as well as western component of India.

The herb is ushan virya in effectiveness so it acts upon all the vata problems. Much more over it possess tickt, madhur and kashaya rasa that makes it kapha suppressant. Shallaki possess the high qualities, which subdue the disorders developed by vata as well as kapha dosha. It has triterpenoids called boswellic acid.

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ยท Due to existence of ushan virya strength it is supposed to reduce vata thus helps in alleviating discomfort, as vata is cause behind every pain.

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